We work hard with our clients to form a strong relationship which means that we can qualify job roles thoroughly. So, we are able to help our candidates prepare for their interviews with all of the information they need, be that technical detail or cultural and softer skills information.

Our normal process is to discuss the role in detail on the phone at a time convenient to you, subsequently sending a job spec through which can be discussed before making a decision on whether to explore the role on your behalf.

We’ve met with all of our clients so if you have a question, we can probably answer it straightaway. In the unlikely event that we have to contact the client, we have a sufficiently strong relationship to be able to do so quickly.

We pay on-time, every time. We have a contractor payments function robust and scalable enough to pay several thousand contractors, meaning payment issues are few, far between and always resolved immediately.

. We become experts in clients’ technical environments enabling us to answer most/ all candidate technical queries and highlight a candidate with rare skills even if a client isn’t actively looking.

We never hide behind an “all-encompassing charge rate” policy. We are happy to declare all of our margins.


We are a global banking organisation and have a lot of partners and suppliers in the resourcing space. Essential are a top performer in this area: reliable, delivery-focussed, honest and thorough. Candidates are always very well-briefed and aware of the different stages of our interview process, which can be quite lengthy on occasion. I would strongly recommend Essential to any organisation looking for an experienced, dedicated, hard-working and very successful resourcing partner

HR Recruitment Manager, Global Financial Services Corporate

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