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Essential is a relationship business meaning that our clients are at the very centre of everything we do and our over-arching aim is to build long-term relationships based on Trust, Integrity and Delivery. With Delivery in mind, we have a thorough and comprehensive sourcing strategy for candidates including job boards, social media (Linkedin), referrals, Search campaigns and our own website. One of the reasons we often work on a partially-exclusive basis with clients is that they are sure that the market is entirely covered by our approach.

We pay on-time, every time. We have a contractor payments function robust and scalable enough to pay several thousand contractors, meaning payment issues are few, far between and always resolved.

We have a robust vetting process for contractors with the aim that they are in the top-quartile in referees’ experience. Many clients prefer to do their own referencing.

We regularly provide market and salary reviews for clients. These are conducted in real-time, completely up-to-date and shed light on skills shortages, availability, market info to add to companies’ benchmarking efforts.

Our on-site service sees us sit in on interviews and give interviewing expertise and an added perspective.

We can work very quickly, without the need for a job spec. We frequently help clients put job specs together.

We can help organise and run assessment centres and tech test candidates if required (Techcheck is the main one we use).

We assist with the on-boarding of candidates.

On Transformation programmes and with particular clients, we have weekly informal reviews and official quarterly ones to monitor progress and change focus if necessary.

Partner rather than Supplier

We have a strong record on counter-offers by managing the offer and acceptance phase professionally.

We keep both parties fully-informed. Clients often like to be aware if candidates have other interviews/ offers taking place.

We have created innovative tools and methods including a completion bonus for contractors to try to stimulate longevity and reliability.

We become experts in clients’ recruitment and selection processes (DBS checks, credit checks, 2-interview process, exercises, presentations) to ensure all parties are fully-informed.

We become experts in clients’ technical environments enabling us to answer most/ all candidate technical queries and highlight a candidate with rare skills even if a client isn’t actively looking.

With clients of 5 years+, we have a hit rate of 1 placement for every 4-5 cv’s.

Our PMO/ admin function is outstanding meaning that we have no serious timesheeting issues wasting time and damaging relationships.

For large-volume recruitment, we can adopt flexible payment terms and year-end discounts according to pre-agreed thresholds.

Our staff are bonussed on client satisfaction as well as revenue targets.

Our MD has 33 years’ experience in IT/ Tech recruitment and he has met all of our clients.

The most difficult-to-fill roles are welcomed by us: DevOps, Cloud, Security, CI/ CD etc.

We never hide behind an “all-encompassing charge rate” policy. We are happy to declare all of our margins.

Candidate orientation is a large part of our value-add.

We contribute to our clients’ evolving interview processes with pro-active suggestions and approaches on issues such as interview format, presentations, testing etc.

Our clients are large and corporate, SME’s, start-ups. We’ve adapted to all of their different recruitment processes and often helped to evolve them.

Every client is important to us

The Essential method


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I have worked with Essential Recruitment for 15 years, working with 3 different organisations. I have found a new role via Essential, and have also recruited well over 50 staff via the organisation in 3 separate job roles with 3 very different businesses. The service from Essential has always been exemplary. They spend time and effort to get to know technical and cultural reference points and use this to deliver well-qualified and highly-appropriate staff. They are the best recruitment business I have ever used

CIO, Global Data Services Provider

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