The Essential Method


We have access to a broad base of talent through our extensive database of professional contacts, some of whom may be on the open job market but many are candidates with whom we have ongoing relationships, in some cases dating back 10-15 years+. We are pleased that the way in which we engage with our contacts in any capacity (client, candidate, referral etc) is often viewed sufficiently positively that we can make contact at any time, often discussing job opportunities but sometimes merely to ask for advice.

Contract/ Interim

Using temporary or interim staff is an ideal way of covering the peaks in your workload or to assess potential staff first before you commit to offering a permanent position. Our work is roughly a 50/50 split between contract/ interim assignments on one hand and permanent placement on the other, giving us in-depth experience of both modes of recruitment.

Executive Search and Selection

This is usually the most appropriate method for targeting high calibre candidates for your most senior executive positions. When you have a key strategic or executive position to fill, you have to be certain that you secure the correct blend of skills, attitude, cultural fit and experience to ensure your objectives are met. This is usually achieved by exploring those who are not actively looking for a new position but may be persuaded to consider an outstanding opportunity. This is time and labour-intensive, and therefore more expensive, but crucially it does pay dividends.


For many reasons, Search and Selection is often preferred to an Advertising approach but we have all the expertise to conduct full Advertising campaigns when needed, including advice on where and when to place the ads. The key is that the advertising should be targeted to include the correct media and appropriate content.

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